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Victoria is a 24 year old powerhouse who has two bachelors degrees and is currently working on her masters. She has studied at three universities (Suffolk, a study abroad year in Cork, Ireland and Southern Connecticut University.) Not only does Victoria run a curvy-friendly fashion page on the 'gram' (Instagram, get with it) she is also an intensive special ed teacher.

"The most rewarding lesson in teaching is that all students want to learn, they just need you to meet them where they are. Education should and needs to be student centered."

She started her teaching career in Roxbury, MA and Bridgeport, CT which are both urban communities that have much less access to school funding and well educated teachers. Victoria explains that more expensive houses + more land = higher property taxes and higher educational funds.

'Its actually devastating to see the disparity in public education."

Victoria is now working for an affluent community whom has all resources their students would need. She has seen first hand, how big of a difference school funding can make. This, being great for her current students, whom need that extra help and to have passionate teachers like Victoria.

Outside of her teaching career, Victoria created a fashion Instagram in November of 2019. She made this page to not only get out of her own comfort zone, but to inspire others to do so as well. In regards to building your own confidence, Victoria recommends practicing daily words of affirmation with yourself. (i.e Stand in front of the mirror and call yourself beautiful. or you could do it like I do and call yourself a bad bitch whilst naked but, to each their own).

"I think the word 'fat' should be used in the same way 'skinny' is - an adjective to describe a body. I choose to use it to describe myself to take away the hurtful power it holds when someone else calls me it."

Queen energy. Can we all just agree that the word 'fat' is just a cop out that fuck boys use when they don't get the response they want on tinder? kk, moving on.

Although she doesn't see herself performing professionally in the fashion industry, Victoria would love to collaborate with brands such as coach or discuss marketing with like minded individuals. The main reason for her account is the build up not only her own confidence but others as well.

"I am biracial, my dad is black and my mom is white. I grew up plus size and struggling to love my curly hair. I always felt ugly and once I got to college it was important to me to switch thinking about who I was."

Victoria spent most of her teenage years damaging her naturally beautiful curly hair by overusing heat and even using intense chemical treatments like relaxers to straighten her hair. She explains how the way the chemicals burnt her scalp (as a hairdresser I can tell you that relaxers are SERIOUS and need to be performed by stylists with advanced experience with both curly hair and those products.)

Victoria was persistent that there had to be more options- not just fashion but empowerment in the world for women with bigger bodies. Through her love of fashion she also fell in love with her authentic self. Even shaving her head to begin her nature hair journey from square one. Let's just say it together- badass. (& you know I got you covered by asking getting her step by step hair care routine.)


step 1: wash and condition with Innersense shampoo and conditioner.

step 2: comb through with conditioner in it then rinse the conditioner out.

step 3: use Miss Jessies Multi Cultural Curls cream at the base of her hair and then rake it through her fingers.

step 4: a microfiber hair wrap towel is a must. wrap it into the towel for 15 minutes then let it air dry completely.

step 5: sleep with a satin scrunchy in a high pony then wear a silk bonnet to bed every night

step 6: *chefs kiss*

(if you do not have a coarse, curly hair texture forgo the last step. fine hair is not built the same as textured hair and could cause damage when sleeping with your hair tied up.)


fav stores: ASOS, ModCloth, Aerie

celeb crush: Adele Exarchopolis

sign: gemini

beauty tip: moisturize everything

fav podcast: "Why don't you date me?' so easy to connect to and funny. make dating experiences feel less isolating.

coffee order: iced vanilla latte with coconut milk


IG: @vlouiise


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