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“I’m not just a photographer because I enjoy so many things I don’t want to limit myself to one thing.”

Tracey was 14 when her father gifted her the first film camera she ever had. She recalls her father spending $50 and waiting two weeks for the film to come back just to find that every single photo was blurry. She continued practicing, and even took up some courses at her high school.

For those of you who don’t know, because I certainly did not. Film photography is a different method of photography where the camera is loaded with film and is developed in a “darkroom” with certain chemicals. As Tracey explains, digital photography is obviously a lot easier and faster.

“There is something about film that is a lot more precious than digital photography. I think I appreciate film because it is tangible and sincere.”

When Tracey was 16 her father passed away.

“Doing film photography still makes me feel connected to him.”

Tracey leaves the readers who are experiencing loss with the message that it is important to believe that no one ever really goes away forever and that there is a part of them that will carry on with you.

Tracey went on to study art and photography at Bridgewater State University after high school. She also spent a semester abroad in Paris where she studied the French language and culture. (Emily In Paris DREAM come true am I right? Also if you don’t get that reference because you haven’t seen the show.. what are you doing!?!)

“It was easily my biggest accomplishment because I went there completely alone and was immersed with a new culture!”

Now, you can find Tracey freelancing photography with a specialization in fashion photography and portraiture. She combined her two passions of photography and fashion industry into a drool-worthy instagram account and large following. Not only does she portray her vogue-worthy photographs on her instagram but she also shares tips for fashion, posing, styling and more. Tracey tells clients to expect a fun, safe atmosphere for their shoot.

“Lots of laughter and music for sure. They (clients) also know they can trust me with making them look and feel good!”


coffee order: Starbucks irish cream cold brew

fav place to shop: thrifting

astrological sign: gemini

celeb crush: Rihanna

fashion tip: just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s cute




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