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“Everything I’m pursuing now revolves around the idea that food is medicine.”

Tori Blanca is a Massachusetts native who is running her own platform to help coach her readers in hormone health and simple nutrition. Tori has a health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is working towards her masters degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Toris interest in holistic health after enduring the effects of a life changing autoimmune disease that pulled her out of college for a few weeks.

“I was going through cycles of burn out, eating low quality food, stressing out, and popping medication whenever something came up. My body knew this was unsustainable and it for sure let me know.”

Sound familiar? Like every college student ever, am I right?

Tori needed to be treated with modern medicine (blood transfusions, steroids, chemotherapy… etc). Her condition was a freak event and not a long term developing disease so Tori believes this is where modern medicine has its place.

Taking better care of her body became important to her and so Tori started her first wellness blog ‘My Natural Decision’ which is no longer on the internet. She used this account as a stepping stone to learn the world of social media and how internet businesses worked.

She also began healing herself with food. Tori started with a food sensitivity test to help navigate her food triggers. She purchased an at home food sensitivity test from a company called Everlywell. Tori encourages that everybody is different so it is important to find out what foods are good and bad for your specific body.

“(once cutting out the inflammatory foods) I wasn’t bloated all the time or waking up with stomach issues and I didn’t have cravings or experience crazy spikes in hunger.”

As well as removing foods, Tori started adding superfoods to her diet. A few favorites of hers are brussels sprouts and broccoli especially for women on birth control. She explains these foods help detox your liver and birth control takes a toll on their liver while it tries to regulate hormones.

Tori currently works with elementary school children in an AmeriCorps program called FoodCorps that has them learn how to grow their own food and eat healthy meals. She also works part time at a supplement store to further help people with their dietary needs.

“I am such a strong advocate for supplements in supporting the healing journey and bridging the gap between what our body needs and what we actually give it. I’d recommend that everyone take a fish oil supplement and a probiotic- hands down. For my ladies on birth control, I recommend a B-complex vitamin to replenish your body!”

Eventually, Tori formed her hobby and her education into a business and platform for holistic health.

“My account serves as a one-stop-shop for resources and information to help busy ladies balance their hormones and use the power of simple nutrients practices.”

Toris clientele ranges anywhere from ambitious entrepreneurs to students and 9-5 workers. You can expect to grow a deep relationship with her as your couch as she learns your habits and goals for up to 6 months of working together. If you’re not ready to begin working with her as a coach, her instagram readily provides plenty of free information that will help you live a better life. Oh, and you already know I asked her fav smoothie recipe:

½ banana

½ cup of frozen blueberries

1 whole avocado

1 TB cinnamon

Vanilla protein powder

MCT oil (another superfood trick)


fav cocktail: anything fruity but rarely drink

astrological sign: pisces

celeb crush: Joe Rogan

fav food: anything covered in teriyaki sauce

book/podcast/resource: The Urban Monk by Pedram Shojai (book) and The Joe Rogan Experience (podcast)




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