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“I’m Sarah Lopez, I am 25 years old and I am obsessed with Weiner dogs.”

Can you tell this is going to be a fun one already?

Sarah was adopted when she was a few days old out of Quincy, Massachusetts.

“It’s awkward sometimes because people always say, ‘you don’t look like a Lopez?’ Which in reality, what does a Lopez look like?”

Sarah believes that being adopted made her more grateful for the life she lives when she thinks about why types of parents she could have ended up with.

Today, Sarah is living and studying Public Health in Israel at the University of Haifa. She moved there, by herself, in the summer of 2018 to teach English to young children. When she finished, she moved back to America for a short while to save enough money and make Aliyah (became an Israeli citizen).

Before you wonder, you already know I asked. The Dead Sea and the Bahai Gardens are must-go-to’s if you visit Haifa, Israel. As for the food, the hummus and falafel are necessities,

“I felt that this move was crucial in my character development, I feel more capable to advocate for myself and I feel that my skin is a little thicker now.”

I completed an undergraduate year at Suffolk University with Sarah so I know, first hand, this girl radiates confidence. Even knowing this, it takes some gall to pick up and move to a foreign country all on your own.

“I was extremely nervous especially being on my own and just doing daily tasks without knowing the language. Adapting was definitely difficult. But, Israel made me become more flexible.”

For anyone thinking or planning on taking the leap to move to another country, Sarah left us with some hot tips on how to navigate living foreign territory. She recommends learning the language like bathroom and water before you move. More importantly, remember to be patient with yourself and that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Sarah says she hasn’t always been as confident as she is now. For example, when it came to public speaking her confidence dwindled. Eventually, she learned to accept herself and own her actions.

“I also like to jam out to songs like ‘I’m a Boss Ass B****’”


coffee order: coke zero addict

astrological sign: scorpio

celeb crush: Travis Fimmel (Ragner from Vikings)

resource for motivation: my long-term goals

fav place to get food: Feisty Greek (Norwood, Ma)


IG: @lopez0000


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