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Kelsea Hindley

A teacher, micro social media influencer, beer fanatic and social rights activist. Kelsea is quite literally #GOALS.

She graduated Umass Amherst where she studied French and francophone literature (I had to google it, as well). She then finished masters on French politics in Ireland. I repeat, goals.

"I have always felt like a guest in my own country."

Aside from studying in Ireland (a dream, am I right?) Kelsea also lived in Paris for some time. There, she not only traveled and consumed their culture but met some of the best friends of her life... 'Emily in Paris' anyone? Once returning to the states, she started her career in education- teaching French obvs.

"I think if you want to be an effective teacher, you need to find ways to connect with every kid, no matter how hard. Sometimes that means I bend over backwards and learn about French speaking hockey leagues or talk about the cultural impact of the guillotine or I find funny French memes that kids roll their eyes at but ultimately connect to."

Teachers are without a doubt the most pivotal and important roles in our society. Like everything, some are better than others. Kelsea is one of those teachers who will not only privately cry for students but will be their shoulder to cry on. Especially now, where teachers need to motivate, inspire and educate through a computer screen.

"Despite the pandemic changing the way they learn and their schooling- I am not concerned for their future, this generation is the most empathetic and understanding that the world has ever existed. They are thoughtful, kind and caring. They except anyone and everyone. It all balances out."

The teachers that you always remember are the ones who helped you through a hard time or shifted your view on something. Overall, had a positive impact on your life. Which is exactly Kelsea's biggest goal when it comes to her students.

"Sometimes my friends joke that I am the female Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. My hope is that I can impact these kids in positive way, in a way that makes them believe that not all adults are against them and that not all adults are there to judge them. Why? Because they are our future, they will be the next generation teaching our children, protecting our borders, fighting for our rights."

After school hours, Kelsea is the owner of a beer-loving and feminist friendly instagram account called @brewerybabema. Now, I am more of a prosecco or dirty martini type girl. BUT, I have been influenced to try many different brews that Kelsea has promoted. I can even go into a brewery (pre-covid ofc) and know what to order thanks to her insta!

Kelsea started the account about three years ago- not only because she enjoyed drinking beer but because she was aware that beer was largely marketed towards men and women were left with the socially acceptable fruity light beer... (reminds me of my $2 more pink razor in my shower).

"I love a good light beer and I love a good fruity beer, but I felt like we weren't being taken seriously as consumers."

Despite this, Kelsea still stands by the fact that breweries are some of the most humble and supportive parts of small communities.


Untold Brewing in Scituate MA commit to beach and roadside clean ups to help the environment.

Second Wind in Plymouth MA brew out of a three car garage and crested an inclusive community & they make some of the best beer she's ever had.

Widowmaker in Braintree MA is like Kelseys "second home." She raves about the beer and their atmosphere. This is one I have actually been to and agree its always so much fun there!

New City Brewing in Easthampton MA are "criminally underrated" and was the first spot to actually get her into trying new brews.

Castle Island in Norwood MA did a collaboration that supported the NAACP and promote an inclusivity in their community.

Behind the scenes of Kelsea's professional life, she is constantly working to better herself mentally and physically. As a young girl, her relationship with food and her body image was toxic. From the one extreme of binge eating, to the other of practically starving herself and working out more than once a day.

Binge eating, especially, is such a taboo topic that needs to be addressed. If you are unfamiliar with this term- I can explain it to you from experience. It basically looks like a dark room filled with guilt and the bag of empty chips, cookies and pizza boxes you gorged to fill you even though you're not hungry but did it anyway just to feel something. Sound familiar? You're not alone.

"We are talking thousands of calories in a matter of an hour or two. I was sublimating my sadness and my pain for food."

One thing that helped Kelsea through her binge eating, was creating non-weight related body positive goals. She started implementing whole foods in her diet and weight lighting at the gym. This eventually led not only to results she could be proud of when looking in the mirror but a healthier mindset, as well. Kelsea now views food as more of a way to "show her body love" by cooking healthy and nutritious meals. Her favorite meal prep being (cuz you know I had to ask) a chickpea pasta with tomato, spinach and ground turkey.

On top of learning how to chef it up, Kelsea has also actively tried incorporating a more green way of living to her lifestyle. She decided to make the sustainable switch not just for the good of the planet but to help cut costs as well. She recommends starting small like switching out your shampoo to a shampoo bar from Lush or plastic Tupperware to glass. She uses a Brita instead of water bottles and makes her own coffee at home. Specifically hazelnut coffee in a cold brew pitcher or hot with a kuerig and Chobani creamer.

Kelsea is a powerhouse in every aspect of the word and I can't see where she goes next.


Favorite Beer: Untold Brewing Mr. Breeze

Resource for Motivation: Attached by Amir Levine (a book on romantic attachment types and what it means to be in a healthy relationship)

Celeb Crush: Bradley Cooper (he speaks French)

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Fav Food: crab rabgoon at Gourmet House in Providence

Dream Vacation: Paris (kind of cheating since I lived there. But there is no better feeling than being in the heart of the city while drinking a casual glass of wine)

Tip for the Readers: learn to make a signature dish


IG: @brewerybabema

TWITTER: @kel_cea


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