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Before I begin... PLEASE try to shop LOCAL this season. Gift certificates to hair salons, restaurants, boutiques, nail salon, photographers, tattoo shops, spas etc. They all need your support this season!

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

perfect stocking stuffer! this mask has 4.5 stars and was featured in allure magazine so you know its the real deal.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment

trust me when I say.... worth every penny. (and it costs a lot of pennies). 20 years old and up would seriously benefit from this plumping serum.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

you already know I'm obsessed with this stuff. the smell... too good. they also come in travel sizes which is perfect to throw in a stocking or a goodie basket.

Self Tanning Kit

aura is a LOCAL beauty salon that specializes in everything from lashes to spray tans. I've gotten spray tans form aura before and its perfect every time. include all the self tanning goodies and create a thoughtful basket! (if it was me I would throw in a gift card to aura, a bottle of wine and some fuzzy socks.)

Layal Lashes

also another local biz woman! perfect for the babe who loves makeup.

Kevin Murphy

I am not just saying this because I work with this product line... but it is everything and more. not only do the products smell amazing but they do what they are suppose to! if you have an eco conscious person to buy for this is the perfect gift! all f their bottles are made of Ocean Waste Plastic & any hairspray sold they donate a portion to The Climate Reality Project for the environment. DM me and I will tell you the best products for your person (or you lol).

Olivia Garden Round Brush

every single one of my clients I use this on ask me what type of brush im using. its HUGE. gets the job done.. if you know what I mean.

Birthdate Candles

I got one of these for my birthday from one of my coworkers and its seriously one of my favorite gifts. if you know anyone who is into astrology this is perfect!

The Daily Stoic

if you know anyone who is into reading self-help books or really just struggling with depression.. this is the best gift you can give. to practice with this book you are meant to read the small passage with the corresponding date every morning. it is inspiration and gives the reader a fresh perspective every morning.


you can get these at any local spiritual shop or at aura beauty! each crystal has different meanings so make sure to ask someone for help when picking it out!


I can't say enough good things about this blanket. so cozy. best part? its vegan.


better than candles? personally, I would be very happy if this was under the tree.

Away Suitcase

if your man is like mine... you have to gift the style into them. no more ratty backpack at the airport while you're sporting a LV Neverfull. get some luggage for yourself while you're at it ;)

Car Detailing Certificate

do I even need to explain this one?

Headset Stand

we all know they want that PS5. but when you don't have a grand to drop... get them the next best thing (sort of). A customizable headset stand. Have it printed with the nickname the "boys" use for him to make it extra special. You can find a lot of different options on Esty.

Beer Rubs this is for the guy who loves craft beer AND grilling. it's kind of pricy but if you get to eat it too then, win win?


a subscription service that gives access to hundreds of classes being taught by the top of their field. put it this way... Ryan has this subscription service and learned how to cook the perfect salmon from Gordon Ramsey. win, win.


you can never go wrong with a classic. stick with neutral colors like white, gray and black.

Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil

ya I said it... lube! organic coconut oil lube! might seem taboo but everyone wants it.

Blue Light Glasses

can you think of anything more fitting than what we are going through right now? I linked my fav pair above but I am sure that most major sunglass brands are making blue light lenses right now.

TRUFF Hot Sauce

can you think of anything more unique? its a truffle based hot sauce and I put it on e v e r y t h i n g.

Anthropology Candles

I don't know why but their candles are the BEST.

the hardest to shop for... they already have everything!! I always choose sentimental gifts because it means more to them.

Build A Bear

hear me have to go through the whole process (trust me, I tried to avoid it.) but I got one that when you press it, the bear says in my voice "merry Christmas nana!"


this year I bought a locket and I am putting a picture of my grandfather, who passed away few years ago, inside of it. tears? probably. you can get one anywhere but I got mine on Etsy.

Barefoot Dreams

soft, buttery, and cozy. pricey but the best robes and blankets on the market. turn it into a "relaxation gift" with a gift card to the spa or face masks (Sephora brand has the best clay masques that are only like $10).


thoughtfully designed hand bags created by local babes. if Ryan is reading this... I want the brown croc tote, kk?


with all this blue light and computer screens we need red light therapy to balance it out! these are proven to help with depression, anxiety etc. basically magic.

Espresso Machine

homemade lattes? is there really a better gift?


ETSY!!!! I tell all of my clients to go to Esty and just type in the persons hobby (i.e patriot gift, pet owner gift, video game gift) and there will be hundreds of personalized ideas for everyone on your list! When I tell you they finish their Christmas shopping by the end of their appointment....

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays I am wishing you all the safety and happiness!


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