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“I keep myself consciously aware and try to be grounded in the present, which means being open to the feelings that come and go with the moments of existence and being.”

Erin is a creative artist and high school teacher in Massachusetts. She created her small business Pocket of Sunshine 3 years ago that started as a simple jewelry hobby and has flourished into a variety of pieces from epoxy resin crafts to custom requests.

Her favorite art to create is when she gets to work with natural elements like flowers that were from an important moment in the clients life (wedding, funeral, prom etc.)

“I love working with nature to create the next round of life.”

Pieces could take anywhere from one day to a few weeks. This depends on Erin’s work load (being a full time teacher AND grad student.) Can you say superwoman?

Erin teaches high school English for grade 9 and 12. Obviously this year has been hard for everyone, but especially teachers.

“I've been much more focused on the social emotional learning aspect and also emphasizing an anti-racist pedagogy, while exploring the literature and topics in our classes.”

Even with everything else Erin is juggling, she still finds time to create poetry. She has been published in a few literary journals. A digest for young poets and another for Persona Literary Journal out of Westfield State University. You can read more of her poetry on her IG page where she shares her writing (@serendipitousmisadventures)

Erin also has crush worthy fashion sense with a mega tip to not only make you look the cutest but help the environment. Two words: sustainable fashion.

“It’s important because fast fashion and throwaway clothing culture is detrimental to the environment and also to marginalized communities who are often the workers, and already being systematically exploited.”

She finds most of her clothing through IG thrift shops or Poshmark. I never even thought to thrift on Instagram but her tip I have just followed the hashtag "thrift" and it's life changing. This way she is still rocking the latest trends (which if we are being real... are vintage trends just reimagined) AND can feel secure that her money did not pocket another big biz corp.

photo credit: @jooleeannelee


coffee order: regularly tea drinker but for a treaaaaat Mlou banana hazelnut with sugar and almond milk

astrological sign:

sun- cancer

moon- aries

rising- libra

celeb crush: Zoë Kravitz woman crush forrrr sureeee

fav junk food: ice cream

fav flower: black eyed susan


BIZ IG: @pocketofsunshine7

POETRY IG: @serendipitousmisadventures


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