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Donna Layal

"I don't like to wait on anyone. I like to do everything myself. I'm a perfectionist. I have the 'I want something I get it mentality."

I have a total girl crush on Donna, ok? She is 22 and owns her own biz. She is also a beauty guru and body positivity icon.

If that's not reason enough to be obsessed with her- Donna also lived in Beruit, Lebanon for a short time while growing up. I have never left this side of the globe (its a goal of mine- trust me) so I was blown away by this. She also speaks three languages (English, Arabic, and some French). I say "some" because Donna said she could only speak "a little" and learned while living in France for four months with her best friend. Like are you kidding me?


"There was definitely some cultural differences but since I grew up there things seemed normal to me. Like speaking 2-3 languages in one sentence and eating pita bread with almost every meal."

So humble. If I could speak even the English language properly I would think I was queen sh*t. Also imagine having pita bread from Lebanon? A DREAM.

I actually met Donna at a photoshoot for Dream Tanning (@dreamtanning on IG) where she did both the makeup and the modeling. The photoshoot for the 'DREAM body campaign' exemplifying that every BODY is beautiful- no matter the size. There were four local babes casted for the shoot. One girl was a professional model, the second a fitness instructor and then Donna and I who were cast as the more "plus size bodies". Now even if you are Lizzo- I think you would feel insecure prancing around with just a bikini and spray tan. (Thank goodness the photographer was my best friend @megesmithphotography on IG).

"At first I was a little nervous because I hadn't done anything like this before! But, I got comfortable with you lovely ladies motivating me. I would say I'm proud of my body, I wasn't growing up because I got picked on for not being thin. I always had a 'woman' body, always curvy and that wasn't the standard. I was always insecure about myself until I finally realized this is who I am. how I was born. I've made a LOT of progress. I'm healthy. I look good and feel good."

Can you say confidence inspo?

In February of 2020 Layal said, "screw it" (her words exactly) and started her own eyelash company- Layal Lashes. (@layal.lashes on IG)

Now, I have been wearing falsies before they were trendy. So, when I tell you these lashes are luxe, unique and flattering at extremely competitive pricing- believe me. You're welcome.

"This is only the beginning I have soooo much more in store planned- pun intended."

Qs you didn't ask for but need:

dream vacay: Bora Bora

beauty tip: make your own lip scrub with brown sugar and coconut oil

fav lash: Barcelona

beauty product u can't live without: lipgloss

fav food & fav spot to get it: literally any pasta dish from then Cheesecake Factory

sign: virgo

pet or dream pet: I don't have a pet but I want a frenchie so bad

resource for motivation: IG influencers like @lizfitnessbby, @kurlyyky, @darihananova

celeb crush: Demetrius Harmon

where do u shop: h&m, primark, snd my favorite small business is Kiki the brand


Personal & Biz IG: @donnalayal @layal.lashes


all photos were taken by Meg Smith @megesmithphotography


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